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6 Jul 2016

Professional Process Server Verifiable Identification

In several jurisdictions throughout the Unites States, including Mississippi, the identities of persons authorized by court rule, or statute, to serve civil process are not readily available for public verification. Many of these jurisdictions do not require it, and simply allow for persons 18 years of age or older, who are not parties to the particular civil action that is being served, to serve the process. No registration or licensing is required.

As part of their duties, private process servers interact with various segments of their communities on a daily basis. Often, their identification as process servers is requested, or required., established by PPS Collateral Services, allows for a voluntary enrollment of private process servers within their respective jurisdictions to make public their qualifications and identity. The process servers who voluntarily enroll are provided with standardized, verifiable identification cards. These may be viewed when presented to a requesting party, and can be further verified online by scanning a QR (Quick Response) Code on the card, or by selecting a “Click to Verify” button on a website. The response will be a similar image as that appearing on the identification card, and that person’s current status and relevant information.

For enrollment forms, requirements, and applicable fees, email request to [email protected]

10 Jul 2012

Process servers case before Miss. court

The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. — The Mississippi Supreme Court will review contempt of court citations filed by a judge against three people who allegedly lied about delivering subpoenas in child support cases.

In July of 2010, Jackson County Chancellor Neil Harris found Guy Jernigan, Thomas Corey McDonald and Edwin Cheshire in contempt of court for filing false affidavits and ordered them to pay $88,500 in sanctions and serve jail time until the money was paid.

In court documents, Harris has said Jernigan claimed he served a woman who was in jail and couldn’t receive a subpoena and another who had been dead for two years.

Jernigan and McDonald were process servers for First Fidelity Trust Services Inc., a subcontractor of YoungWilliams Child Support Services. Cheshire is identified in court documents as president of First Fidelity Trust.

All three appealed to Harris’ order to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

According to Harris’ order, Jernigan filed a sworn affidavit with the court clerk stating he served April Gray of Ocean Springs on May 6. But Gray was jailed at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center at the time and could not have received the document.

YoungWilliams is a Jackson company that had a $23 million with the Mississippi Department of Human Services to seek child support court orders.

The process servers claimed they delivered papers to people who were incarcerated and even to a woman who had been dead for two years, court records show.

Questions about the process servers prompted an investigation by MDHS.

The case is among dozens of appeals before the Supreme Court in its July-August term. The Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments in the case.

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11 Jun 2012

National Due Process Day

National Due Process Day

Join MAPPS in celebrating National Due Process Day on September 25th (9/25/2012). National Due Process Day is a public awareness campaign aimed at ensuring that every American’s right to a fair trial is preserved. The Bill of Rights guarantees that no person shall be, “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The 14th Amendment further expands upon The Bill of Rights.

Constitutionally protected rights such as “due process of law” are integral to several professions including: attorneys, the courts, and professional process servers. MAPPS is one of the many groups committed to protecting the constitutional rights of citizens.

Service of process is an important step in upholding one’s constitutional rights. By notifying the party of pending legal action, process servers play an important role in ensuring that due process of the law occurs.

If you would like to join us in celebrating National Due Process Day, please call 1-800-477-8211.

More Information: [PDF]

4 Jun 2012

Process Servers Are Preferred

ServeNow conducted research that found process servers are preferred to sheriffs for a number of reasons, which you can see below. If you are looking for a Mississippi process server, you can search our members.

Read more at ServeNow.

1 Jun 2012

MAPPS Site Goes Live

The new MAPPS website is now online. The site is designed specifically to increase the number of MAPPS members, allow for communication at both a local and national level, as well as, disseminate relevant and timely news and information.

The website itself was designed with the end-user in mind. The MAPPS site is intended to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, the website features an aesthetically pleasing and clean look. In terms of functionality, the website enables administrators from the association to update content quickly.

The MAPPS site features association-specific sections including:
-News about the Association
-Member sign up
-MAPPS blog
-Member directory
-Events section
-Vendor advertising
-Contact information

With this new website, MAPPS has an online destination where process servers nationwide can find information, apply for membership, find other process servers to forward papers and much more.

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