Code of Ethics

Each member agrees to abide by the provisions and principles set forth herein when dealing with clients, general public, members and associate members.

Duties to clients, general public, legal entities

All work shall be performed in a lawful, professional and ethical manner. In the conduct of a member’s professional and non-professional activities, nothing shall be done which would impugn the position, reputation, or name of this Association, its members, or the process serving profession. Everything possible shall be done to avoid an appearance of impropriety and to protect the rights, interest and confidentiality of clients, entities being served, and legal profession as a whole.

Respect of clientele of fellow process servers

No member of this Association may make willful and determined attempts to gain as a client, an attorney known to have an established client relationship with another process server, but that it shall be permitted to mail literature to said attorneys to introduce them to yourself or to your agency. Solicitation and/or marketing of your services, by phone or in person, to an attorney of another process server, excepting should such attorney specifically request continued discussion. Any solicitation initiated by an attorney or his/her representative shall be deemed honorable, notwithstanding any existing relationship the attorney may have with another process server.

Conduct before court

Each member shall conduct himself professionally and with dignity while on or in the premises of the courthouses. Conduct with the Judges, Bailiffs, Clerks, Deputy Clerks and other employees of the court system shall at all times be respectful of their position and authority.

Proofs of service, not found returns, other reports

Each member shall service process in a timely manner and shall execute the appropriate Return of Service according to prevailing Rules and Statutes, and shall be returned to the client or filed with the Court expeditiously. All Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure and any/all applicable civil statutes pertaining to the service and return of service of civil process shall be observed at all times. If a proof of service is provided by the sending party, it is mandatory that the serving party use that proof and fill it out in the manner requested.

Financial responsibility

Each member shall agree to promptly pay for services rendered on behalf of another process server unless other specific arrangements have been made.

Representation on behalf of this association

Only the Officers of this Association, or their duly designated representative, may make any representation on behalf of this Association before the officials and employees of the court systems, the general public or legal community.

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