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6 Jul 2016

Professional Process Server Verifiable Identification

In several jurisdictions throughout the Unites States, including Mississippi, the identities of persons authorized by court rule, or statute, to serve civil process are not readily available for public verification. Many of these jurisdictions do not require it, and simply allow for persons 18 years of age or older, who are not parties to the particular civil action that is being served, to serve the process. No registration or licensing is required.

As part of their duties, private process servers interact with various segments of their communities on a daily basis. Often, their identification as process servers is requested, or required., established by PPS Collateral Services, allows for a voluntary enrollment of private process servers within their respective jurisdictions to make public their qualifications and identity. The process servers who voluntarily enroll are provided with standardized, verifiable identification cards. These may be viewed when presented to a requesting party, and can be further verified online by scanning a QR (Quick Response) Code on the card, or by selecting a “Click to Verify” button on a website. The response will be a similar image as that appearing on the identification card, and that person’s current status and relevant information.

For enrollment forms, requirements, and applicable fees, email request to [email protected]

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